Elm and Rowan classes make up the Year 2 learning zone.

A typical day in Year 2 begins with independent reading which encourages a calm and purposeful start to a day of learning. Then we come to the carpet and share a story where we focus on a word of the day. This is to promote a varied and ambitious vocabulary.

Each morning in Year 2 consists of a maths lesson, phonics lesson and an English lesson. We follow a mastery approach which ensures the children have contextual and meaningful challenges, enabling them to thrive.

In the afternoon we focus on the wider curriculum in a way that encourages the children to explore through active learning. We spark their curiosity through an engaging question that links to our topic. This encourages the children to become more independent and take ownership of their learning.

In addition to whole class teaching, adults lead learning with small groups throughout the day which allow focused teaching. This then gives us the opportunity to discuss learning and for children to reflect on their next steps with support from their peers and teacher.

Children also have dedicated physical education provision and specialist P.E and Art teaching during the week