Our official uniform suppliers are Initially Yours.

Initially Yours
211 Soundwell Road,
Bristol, BS15 1PY

Expand the areas below to view the specific uniform requirements.


Black Trousers (Tailored shorts in summer)
School polo shirt with logo
School sweatshirt with logo
Black tailored shorts in summer (optional)
Black school shoes
School book bag


Black trousers, skirt or pinafore
School polo shirt with logo
School sweatshirt with logo
Green checked school summer dress
Black school shoes
School book bag

P.E. Kit

Plain black cotton shorts
Plain round neck t-shirt in house colour (children will be put into houses)
Plain round neck sweatshirt in colour of house (optional)
Plain black track suit bottoms
Trainers or plimsolls


Outdoor Learning

Teachers may request the following items, when required:

Pair of wellington boots
Waterproof clothing


Book Bags

Book bags should be brought into school daily especially when reading books are being taken home.  We will place all communication letters into your child’s book bag so please check daily.  However, it is logistically impossible for us to check all book bags every day for each child.  If you need to send a note into school please can you either give it directly to a member of staff (office or teaching team) or put it in your child’s hand so they remember to hand it in.



Everything brought into school should be labelled and named, including vests, shoes, coats and detachable hoods.

Students must wear black trousers, or regulation skirts for girls.  Skirts must be knee length and tailored, no stretch material is permitted.  This list has been designed to create a formal not fashionable look.
We will continue to review this policy and if students are unable to meet our standards, a trouser only policy will be considered.

School Shoes
Footwear should be formal (shoes) leather or leather like material that can be polished.  As per the uniform policy, shoes must be plain black and carry no logos.  Training shoes (even plain black) or daps are not permitted.

School jumper and ties
Students should wear the school jumper at all times.  Staff will make the decision to allow students to remove the jumper during warm weather.  School ties (house colour) must be worn at all times with the top button of the shirt fastened.

Hooded tops
Hooded tops must not be worn at any time.  If they are seen they will be confiscated until the end of the school day.

Key Stage 3 – General Wear (Years 7, 8 and 9)

Navy v-necked jumper with school logo
White collared shirt
Red tie with appropriate House colour stripe
Black regulation plain tailored trousers
Plain black formal shoes (no trainers, daps or logos) Please see illustrations below.
Plain black socks
Girls have the option of a plain black skirt which should be knee length and have no stretch.  No skater skirts.


Key Stage 4 – General Wear (Years 10 and 11)

Navy v-necked jumper with school logo
Pale blue collared shirt
Red tie with appropriate House colour stripe
Black regulation plain tailored trousers
Plain black shoes (no trainers, daps or logos).   Please see illustrations below.
Plain black socks
Girls have the option of a plain black skirt which should be knee length and have no stretch.


Recommended Outdoor Wear
Weatherproof coat – no denim or leather; fashion items, logos, hooded or tracksuit tops.

General Matters

Make Up

The school discourages the wearing of any make up including nail varnish, as it is contrary to the business like values the school aims to promote. If make up is worn, then it must be of a very discrete nature. Acrylic nails should not be worn at any time.

Hair Styles

For Health and Safety reasons, and to support the general business like values of the school, the school expects students to have reasonable hairstyles and colours. If the Principal, or a member of staff acting for the Principal, considers a student’s hair style to be unreasonable, then the student will be asked to rectify the matter.

School Bags

All students should bring a ‘School Bag’ to school every day. A ‘School Bag’ is defined by the School as a bag which is suitable to carry books of up to A4 size, basic equipment and kit for other subjects. Typically, students carry small waterproof rucksacks.


The School has agreed that one small ear stud may be worn in each ear. Apart from this, for Health and Safety reasons and to promote the general business like values of the school, no jewellery may be worn. This includes rings, neck chains and facial piercing such as nose and lip studs.

P.E. Kit List

The kit outlined is the only PE kit that students are allowed to wear. Any items not on the list will be deemed as inappropriate. The following kit consists of specialised KOA items that will be required from Year 7 onwards, items can be purchased  from ‘Initially Yours’ (see link at the top of this page for kit supplier details).

Core PE Kit

  • Trainers (NO canvas/daps, Vans, Converse) any colour trainers available non marking soles
  • KOA royal blue and white PE polo shirt
  • KOA navy and white long sleeve training top – optional
  • KOA royal blue and white reversible rugby shirt (boys)
  • KOA navy PE shorts *
  • KOA navy PE skort *
  • KOA navy academy leggings (girls) *
  • KOA navy slim training trousers *
  • Royal blue football socks
  • White sports socks
  • Football boots (rugby/football)
  • Gum shield
  • Shin pads for rugby/hockey/football

*  only one item is required.  Please be mindful PE takes place outdoors throughout the year.

Please Note: Any Dance show / Sports Tour / Trip clothing will not be permitted to be worn during PE lessons (but will be allowed in after school clubs).


  • NO jewellery of any description is allowed to be worn. Students must place earrings/watches etc in the valuables in the PE office in the changing rooms.
  • If a student has their ears newly pierced they will be expected to bring tape/plasters to cover their studs. A note explaining this and when they can be removed MUST be brought in. Wearing earrings whilst participating in physical activity can be extremely dangerous and therefore is not allowed.

Long Hair

  • Students must have their hair tied up at all times when participating in PE. Alternatively a sweatband can be worn.

Long or acrylic nails

  • Nails longer than the tip of a finger or acrylic nails are a danger to both the participant and opponent in both sport and physical activities.  As a result, they are not permitted in PE lessons.
  • Any student who attends a lesson with nails at an unsafe length will be given a warning and asked to cut them back for their next lesson.