A letter has been sent to parents of all Year 9 students at KOA about Interactive Lelarning for Year 9 students.  You can read the letter HERE

We are at a stage at KOA where we can extend our interactive learning offer to all Year 9 students from Monday 6 July.  Our teachers intend to use these interactive lessons to help your child get a head start on GCSE/BTEC option subjects so that they feel more prepared and confident in their learning as we re-start the academic year in September 2020.

I appreciate that throughout the lockdown period we have all been required to learn how to use new pieces of technology and software at a rapid pace and the idea of introducing interactive learning into your child’s working from home arrangements might cause some anxiety.  With this in mind, I would like to invite you and your child to attend a live assembly on Tuesday 30 June (11 am – 12 noon or 5 pm – 6 pm).  During the assembly we will cover:

  • What is interactive learning – what can you expect from the lessons.
  • How interactive learning will support follow up with the home learning tasks (set through Insight)
  • How to join an interactive lesson
  • Follow up ‘How to’ guides will be shared after the assembly
  • What support you can expect from your class teachers to help you prepare for the GCSE/BTEC course