Our House System is made up of tutor groups from Years 7 to 13.  The Houses are named PEGASUS, OLYMPUS, HERCULES and ORPHEUS.  These names are from Greek and Roman legend, but they are also the names of four Rolls-Royce engines.  Rolls-Royce is a large local employer and a sponsor to the Cabot Federation.  The new school tie is red with a colour stripe denoting the house group.

The House System supports children in three ways:

1.  It fosters excellent pastoral care across the academy.

2.  It creates a spirit of teamwork between the year groups.   Our House System allows older and younger students to work together and support each other in all aspects of school life.  This creates leadership opportunities for older students and support for younger students.

3. It allows more inter-house activities and competition across the school.  This happens in sport but also across a range of curriculum areas.

The Heads of House and their colours are:

Miss A Rice - PEGASUS - Red

Mrs C Walbridge  - OLYMPUS – Yellow

Mrs J Felski - HERCULES – Green

Mrs N Younger – ORPHEUS – Blue

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