King’s Oak was inspected on 11 – 12 June 2013.    You can read the report here >>

Here are some highlight quotes from the report:

• King’s Oak is a happy school where students get on well together.
• Students behave well at all times. They are very positive about their academy and the help they receive to achieve their best.
• Students’ achievements are improving rapidly.
• Students make good progress from their starting points.
• More able students are making better progress.
• Teaching is usually good and sometimes outstanding. Teachers are skillful at encouraging students to reach beyond their targets and aim even higher.
• Teachers’ very good relationships with students contribute a great deal to the high aspirations that students are setting for themselves.
• Students are well cared for and feel safe. They recognise the respect the staff show for them and this helps them to develop confidence and independence in their own abilities.
• The academy has transformed under the determined and inspiring leadership of the Principal
• The strong team of senior and middle are central to improvements in achievement and the quality of teaching.
• Leaders and managers have created a strong culture of learning amongst staff and students.
• The unwavering belief that everyone can achieve the highest possible goals is woven into leadership and management at every point.

The very experienced inspection team confirmed that the academy is rapidly improving and that your child is receiving a good education, with good and often outstanding teaching and learning taking place, and good behaviour at all times. Strong leadership at all levels has secured this. This endorses the judgements of senior leaders about where we are in our journey to be outstanding.

I am really pleased that they were able to recognise the hard work and commitment all of the staff and students have at King’s Oak: everyone showed real pride in what, with your support, we are achieving together. There are always areas for improvement and we will continue to work hard in our pursuit of excellence. It reinforces my fundamental belief that an excellent school is one where we have high expectations of all and where there is a real focus on learning (for students and staff) at the heart of everything. Relationships across the academy are superb. Students are now getting much better results, and are making much better progress and they have much more aspiration and ambition.

You may also know that across the Cabot Learning Federation two of the other academies were also inspected at the same time as King’s Oak. You will not be surprised to know that they have also received excellent feedback about their progress, and also achieved GOOD outcomes. This is really clear evidence of the real collaboration and setting of high standards across the CLF academies to improve the quality of education for all our students and move all of our academies towards being outstanding.

“The unwavering belief that everyone can achieve the highest possible goals is woven into leadership and management at every point.”
(Jonathan Palk – HMI Inspector)

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