Academy Day

Time Activity
 8:15  Gate is unlocked
 8:40  Students on site
8.45 Students wait at Roll Call locations
8:50  Roll Call
9:00  Tutor Time Reading/Assembly
 9:15 Lesson 1
 10:05  Lesson 2
10:55 Break
 11:10  Warning bell
 11:15  Lesson 3
 12:05  Lesson 4
 12:55  Lunch
 13:30  Warning bell
 13:35  Lesson 5
 14:25  Lesson 6
 15:15  End of the academy day
  • Bells are only rung at 8:45, 11:05 and 13:25 to indicate to students and staff that they should make their way to the next lesson and to signify the start of the Academy day, the end of break time and lunch time.
  • The aim of fewer bells is to provide a calmer atmosphere around the Academy and a more self disciplined approach to the school day.
  • Students are expected to be punctual at all times.
  • There are 6 lessons per day, with each being 50 minutes in length.  There are 2 lessons before morning break, 2 lessons between morning break and lunch time and 2 lessons between lunch time and the end of the Academy day.
  • The timetable operates on a one week cycle.
  • Only students who go home to lunch or have special permission to leave the premises are allowed to leave the academy site during school hours.
  • All students who are not staying for games or any other organised activity should have left the school by 15:35.

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