TRI System (Behaviour)

1 – 4 Lesson Scores

Rewards Outline

As we enter a new phase at King’s Oak Academy we are introducing a new behaviour structure named the TRI system that will allow teachers to consistently deliver inspirational lessons within a positive ethos that encourages trust and respect.  The developments that are being made are in line with guidance from the Department for Education, and follow extensive research from across the national educational landscape.  Within the system children have a choice; your child(ren) will be expected to do the right things and will be rewarded for going ‘above and beyond’. 

One of the developments is the introduction of a house cup.  Students will be awarded points for a variety of outcomes from good attendance to positive lessons scores, and a variety of extra – curricular pursuits such as involvement in sport practices, drama performances and science club.  The cup will be ‘driven’ by house champions;  members of staff who will co–ordinate tutor time and aim to lead the house in winning the cup!

Another major change is around disruptive behaviour.  Research shows that if a child has their learning regularly disrupted, they can lose up to 2 grades in their final examinations.  Clearly, this is not fair or acceptable, as over 75% of secondary aged children in the UK agree.  Therefore, as a deterrent, if a child disrupts learning and has to be removed from a lesson, they will automatically have a 1 hour detention (T3) at the end of the same school day.  In line with government guidance, we will do our upmost to notify parents by text message as soon as possible if this is the case.  Our data shows that this will, of course, only apply to a very small minority on a daily basis.  In addition, if a child has disrupted learning regularly across the course of a week, they will be required to serve a detention with senior leaders on Friday after school.  The detention can last until 5 pm depending on the number of times they have been sent out.  We will of course notify parents if this is the case.

 Our aim is to ensure that all children are in the classroom learning.  If a student is regularly disrupting learning then we have designed a system that will allow staff to support individuals in re–joining the classroom as soon as possible.  We will, as ever, work closely with parents to ensure that the child is fully supported.

  I would like to thank you in advance for your support in implementing this new policy.  Further information can be found in the document ‘TRI System – System and Procedures’ which can be found HERE.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the academy.

Mr S Jones
Assistant Principal