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DJR_1350Going to Secondary School can be a daunting experience for pupils and parents – and here at King’s Oak we aim to make this process as smooth as possible!

Please feel free to browse the resources below.  There is information about our induction programme as well as some helpful advice and fun activities.

Your son/daughter will be visited in May/June in their primary school.  During this time you will find out a lot more information about our academy.

If you have any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me at school.

Best wishes,

Tom Taylor
Phase 1 Leader

By Year 7 children have spent over half their lives at school.  We have strong working relationships with those primary schools nearby in South Gloucestershire and Bristol and work in partnership with every school which feeds King’s Oak Academy.

We run induction events in the summer term for Year 6 into Year 7 as well as providing taster sessions for Year 5 children.

Our staff visit primary schools and we use attainment data, teacher reports, parent comments and the Year 6 students themselves to form a clear picture of each child’s individual needs, talents and abilities before they arrive.  Every summer the pastoral team runs an extremely popular and successful Summer School for our new Year 7 students (see below for more information).  In September they are assigned to a house, tutor group and a teaching group and we work with parents to ensure that every student settles in and is aware of our expectations.  Transition for Acorn students begins in Reception and is woven into each and every year they attend our Primary Phase until they join Year 7.


All About Me Leaflet - this will be given to your child when we visit them in their primary school.

Welcome booklet – a copy of this booklet will be given to your child when we visit them in their primary school.  It contains lots of advice for your child about starting at King’s Oak and has been written by current Year 7 students – as the introduction says:   “In this booklet, you will find out about everything you need to know when you join King’s Oak Academy and to help settle you in to feel comfortable.”

Induction Days 

The transition from primary to secondary school is one of the biggest changes in a young person’s life.

At King’s Oak Academy, we recognise that students and parents/carers are worried about the move to ‘big school’ and the support we offer the students is very unique.   Historically we’ve had Year 6 students in for one induction day. We then offer a package of support for those who have requested extra transition; this request could come from parents/carers or the primary school.

For those students who attend the extra transition, there is a noticeable difference when they start at the Academy; they are more confident, have already made friends and know their way around the site.


Summer School

 ‘Summer School is a great chance to make friends and find out that school can be fun’.

NYR For the last three years we have run a very successful Summer School programme.  In 2017 we had over 50 young people who joined us for a week over the summer holiday (free of charge).  During the week, we worked on literacy, numeracy and team work.  The young people also had an opportunity to cook, be creative and take part in sporting activities; football and archery were definitely amongst the favourites.  This opportunity meant that the young people could make friends, work with older students and meet some of the staff who would be working with them in Year 7.

Members of staff notice a real difference in the confidence between those who attend Summer School and those who don’t. They have a flying start and achieve from their very first day.  To find out more please contact Mrs Younger, Transition Lead.

YEAR 7 INFORMATION PACK – Below are copies of all the documents which were given to parents when they attended the Induction Evening at King’s Oak on 28th July 2018.


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