Sports Captains needed for September 2018

Sports Captains needed

Football and Netball Captains and Vice Captains are needed for Years 7, 8,9,10 and 11.  If you would like to apply please see Mr Carter or Mrs Holtby before Tuesday 18th September 2018.

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careerpilot logoCareerpilot has information on the full range of choices for 13-19 year olds, particularly useful for Year 11 and Post 16 students, who need to decide what to do next and have a back-up plan if exam results are unexpected.


You can start by looking at:

Choices at 16
Choices at 18
HESkills Map   (this will help Year 12s start identifying experiences and skills they can flat up on applications and personal statements).

And for parents and carers …

The Parent Zone  (answers questions that parents and carers really want to know like “Should my child do an apprenticeship or a degree?”



careers serviceNational Careers Service now on Careerpilot

Take a look:

The inspiration agenda
Pathways to Professions
Employer spotlights
Talking Heads: Industry Insights
LMI Resources
Free Digital Workshops and School e-pack



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Early finish today (23.7.18)

Our secondary students will be finding out their new tutor groups during Period 6 today; this will lead to an early finish of 3:00 pm. If this arrangement causes parents a problem, students can stay in school until the normal time.  Thanks.

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School Meals in the Autumn Term

Aspens is the company we use to provide the meal service to our students.  The food children eat at school plays an important role in their wellbeing, and eating a well-balanced diet will not only maintain and improve their health, but will also set them on the right track for later life.  Aspens understand this and that’s why they are passionate about serving fresh, high quality and locally sourced food that is cooked in the kitchen at KOA.  More information

Below is the menu for Autumn 2018 and from September 2018 the price of a school meal will be £2.30.


Aspens Autumn 2018 menu


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Summer Reading Challenge 2018 for Students

LRC Summer Challenge

During the summer holidays, students can take part in our Summer Reading Challenge.  Read four novels of your choice, choose your favourite summer read and produce a short piece of work to show your enjoyment of the book.  Win afternoon tea in the LRC with the Principal.


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Back to School uniform – order early – avoid the rush

Initially Yours

Uniform and sports kit from your local store – Initially Yours.  To avoid the rush and the risk of items being out of stock, we are advising parents to shop for uniform before 5th August or order online at www.initially


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CLF Music Masterclasses TONIGHT

DON’T FORGET - TONIGHT – FREE – CLF Music Masterclasses at King’s Oak Academy 4.30 – 7.30 pm.  See poster below for more information.  THIS IS AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL MUSICIANS – NOT TO BE MISSED.

CLF Masterclass

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Year 8s AWARE Project

The AWARE project wants to know if certain types of wellbeing and mental health focussed lessons are helping young people.  All of the Year 8 students at King’s Oak have been invited to take part by completing some questions which will take 30 – 40 minutes.  We are asking for the permission of parents/carers for their children to take part.

Parents/carers can find out more information in the Parent and Carers Information Sheet which provides an overview of the project and includes an opt-out consent form if parents/carers do not want their child’s data to be used, as well as a privacy notice detailing the legal basis for processing data for the project.


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Important notices for students

  1. We have had reports of a man wearing a grey tracksuit acting suspiciously in the local area.  Whilst there are no concrete reasons for us to be concerned for your safety, please follow normal guidelines of not talking to strangers and reporting any suspicious incidents to a trusted adult in school.
  2. We have had reports that a student in another local school has been taken to hospital seriously ill after swimming in Saltford river.   Please ensure that you follow swimming/safety advice during this period of hot weather.
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Flexible Learning Days

On the 27th and 29th June we have introduced two flexible learning days on which the normal school timetable is collapsed.  Students are given the opportunity to participate in activities and events that are designed to enhance their curriculum, create further opportunities for their social, moral, cultural and spiritual development and to develop the attributes required in preparation for life in modern Britain.

Before each flexible learning day, students will be informed of their activity programme and if there any special requirements, for example: wearing PE kit to school.

The timings for the school day will remain the same.  Students will be expected to attend registration at 8.45am before starting their carousel of activities.  The school day will end at 3.15pm.
Flexible learning days tt

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