National Reference Test 2019

Each year over 300 schools take part in the National Reference Test and up to 60 students are selected at random from each school.  This year the test will be carried out between 25th February and 8th March 2019.  Year 11 students at KOA have been advised who has been selected to take this test which lasts for one hour and is similar in style to the actual GCSEs they will be taking this summer.  After the test the students will be asked to complete a short five minute survey about their experience of the NRT and their preparation in general for their GCSE exams.  Students do not have to prepare for the test.  No additional work or revision is required.  The marking of the tests will be carried by staff at the National Foundation for Educational Research and the results will be kept confidential.  The results of individual students will not be provided to any of the students’ current or future schools and will not be used in awarding their GCSE.  In addition, the results from this test will not be used in any measures of school performance.  All students that participate in the test will be entered into a draw for a prize of a tablet.

This test only applies to specific Year 11 students and those students were informed on 29th January.  It is important that those students who have been picked are in attendance on Wednesday 27th February, the day of the testing.

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