KOA rated GOOD by Ofsted

You can read the Ofsted Report HERE

We have news of the outcomes from our recent Ofsted inspection, which took place on Tuesday 13 March and Wednesday 14 March 2018.

We are thrilled that the Academy remains GOOD in all categories, and especially pleased with so many incredibly positive comments, which included:

“Since his appointment in 2016, the Principal has acted with determination to improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment for all pupils. He understands the importance of raising standards without delay but at the same time ensuring that improvements are embedded and long-lasting. This approach has led to a steady, long-term improvement in the quality of education across the school.”

“The behaviour of pupils is good. Parents, carers, and pupils, say that behaviour has improved significantly over the last two years.”

Teaching typically meets pupils’ needs well. Teachers set work that encourages pupils to think and to explain. The most able are given challenges that stretch them.

Leadership of special educational needs (SEN) is good. Leaders make good use of the funding they receive to support pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities.

On early years provision Ofsted said, “The primary phase, called ‘the Acorn’, is providing a good start for pupils because expectations are high and leaders and staff work hard to meet the needs of all pupils. Children get off to a flying start and all groups of children make good progress over time so that by the end of the foundation stage outcomes are above the national average and improving. Outcomes for disadvantaged groups are improving quickly.”

“Leadership of the Acorn is strong. It is in its third year of operation and is thriving as a result of strong strategic oversight and good day-to-day management. Leaders have developed a culture that ensures that they meet the needs of all pupils through partnership between teachers, teaching partners (teaching assistants) and parents. Parents value this approach and pupils are making good progress.”

As a school, we are not complacent and we are always trying to improve, and as such, I was very pleased that Ofsted also agreed with our school improvement priorities.

Each year the Ofsted inspection seems to get tougher and more forensic. This is our second successive GOOD judgement and I believe this report is vindication of the incredible hard work and professionalism of all the staff, the hard work and behaviour of our students, and the support of you as parents and carers.

As a school community, we should be very proud of our fine school and it goes without saying that we will continue to strive to provide the best education we possibly can.

Richard Clutterbuck, Principal


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