Performance and Participation – Art, Drama, Music, PE

What is Performance and Participation?


Mr T Warren – Team Leader, Teacher of Music
Mrs D Glover - Programme Leader Art
Mr J Carter - Programme Leader – PE
Miss V Hobbs – Programme Leader Drama
Mrs M Campbell –  Teacher of Art
Mrs S Holmes – Teacher of Music, Humanities
Mrs S Holtby – Teacher of PE
Miss K Jones – Teacher of PE
Mr S Jones – Teacher of Music, Assistant Principal
Mrs V McBride – Teacher of Art
Mrs E Salvage – Teacher of PE
Mr T Shears – Teacher of PE
Mr W Smith – Teacher of PE
Ms K Sroka – Teacher of Art, Phase 2 Leader

Physical EducationPhysical Education

The Music Department offers an ‘open door’ policy with the numerous rehearsal rooms open for use before school, at lunchtime and after school.  Various students use the facilities for solo and group rehearsals.  On Saturdays the Department and the Hexagon is used for the South Gloucestershire Music Centre.

The King’s Oak Academy Yamaha School of Music (Music Point) started in October 2008.  We currently offer Yamaha School of Music tuition in Electric Guitar, Keyboard and Drum kit.  We are the only School/Academy to host a Yamaha School in Bristol. This experience is aimed at Primary aged children and acts as an excellent liaison activity. We also offer road shows which visit Primary schools as part of the Yamaha Music point.

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