Post 16 Career Choices in Year 11     Follow this link for all listings of colleges, sixth forms, training providers and open event dates for courses starting in September 2020.

Career Pilot

Careerpilot has information on the full range of choices for 13-19 year olds, particularly useful for Year 11 students who need to decide what to do next and have a back-up plan if exam results are unexpected.  Follow the link HERE

At KOA careers education and employability is integrated into the curriculum with a ‘whole school approach’.  There is a programme of careers education for all year groups delivered through lessons in PSHE and whole-year activities with students off-timetable – check out the link on the right to find out about careers education at KOA.

We aim to raise aspirations and allow students to achieve their own personal potential.  Students are encouraged to develop employability skills and are given information, advice and guidance, to enter into the world of work, at a level suited to them offering an equal opportunity to all.

You will spend many years in the world of work and the need to be equipped with employability skills and  the ability to confidently make decisions about your future is very important.


In September 2014, King’s Oak Academy successfully achieved the prestigious Employability Chartermark.  The Chartermark is awarded to educational establishments that invest in, and commit to and help young people to prepare for work, with businesses.  The goal is to improve the employability of young people entering into the labour market at all levels by developing skills and attributes needed to be work ready.

If you have any comments about the careers programme at KOA, please email:  or