In The Acorn we believe that learning is best achieved when using a triangular approach between school, child and home. We value all of the fantastic learning you do with your children at home and encourage children to share this learning by sharing home learning stars. These are stars that you fill in and return to school to celebrate the learning that has taken place at home. A document called ‘What to expect, when?’  is a fantastic document in helping you understand what your child should be doing in their developmental band. It gives lots of ideas for home learning and guidance on the sort of things to write on the home learning stars.

Phonic and reading practice is one of the most beneficial homeworks you can do with your child. Research supports the fact that children who read regularly make the most progress, five minutes a day will have a huge impact on your child’s reading progress.

Home learning should be an enjoyable experience and can have a detrimental effect if this isn’t the case. If children feel anxious about their learning at home and are fearful of making mistakes this can lead to them refusing to ‘have a go’ in school. Mistakes help us learn and resilience and willingness to try new learning are attitudes we promote, these are what makes us lifelong learners. Games and everyday experiences are all fantastic learning opportunities; baking a cake or going for a nature walk are rich opportunities for learning. There are also a number of good websites which can help your child with their phonics and early maths work. These include: phonics play, letters and sounds and ICT games. Please speak to one of the teaching team if you are unsure which phonics phase they are working on.